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Conformance and the CPR

Conformance started supporting clients with the CPR when it was introduced in 2013, prior to this we provided assistance with the CPD but on a much smaller scale. At the beginning of 2014 the company recruited Jared Heathcote to help provide the level of service for the growing number of enquiries.

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IMG 0716Jared Heathcote

Focusing on Construction Products, Jared has 15+ years past experience in manufacturing, including design, engineering, production, quality management and sales. During the last 18 months he has been providing assistance to manufacturers wanting to become compliant with the CPR, mostly with Steel Fabrication (EN 1090-1) plus a variety of other construction products. He has Undertaken Responsible Welding Coordinator training and is registered as an Auditor for EN 1090-1 with a Notified Body under the CPR.

With additional input where necessary from other specialists at Conformance Limited, over 60 companies have been supported through the CPR CE Marking process successfully, from small to medium size organisations.

Products covered

  • Steel Fabrication including; General Steel fabrication, Portal frame buildings, mezzanines and Industrial steelwork.
  • Precast concrete products and concrete anchors & fixings
  • Industrial doors, roller shutters and pedestrian doorsets,
  • Roofing & cladding panels,
  • Masonry units – manufactured and natural stone,
  • Ceramic tiles.
  • Sanitaryware and sinks.
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