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Advice – phone, meetings, reports, full support

Advice – Via email or over the phone, Site meetings, Gap analysis reviews or Full support packages

Please call us if you have any questions in relation to CE Marking. We are more than happy to discuss your enquiry and give advice over the phone. Typical questions we are asked include:

  • Is my product in scope/Does it require CE Marking?
  • Am I legally required to CE Mark?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • What’s involved?
  • How long will it take?

Scoping Exercise

We can carry out a site visit to undertake a gap analysis review and discuss the implications of the CPR to your company, including your legal obligations, how the changes affect you and the practical action you need to take. The visit normally includes:

  • An explanation of the CE marking process under the CPR
  • Review of your product range and identify applicable standards
  • Identify testing requirements and any requirement for Notified Body involvement
  • Review Factory Production Control requirements
  • Identify likely costs, priorities for CE marking and a programme of further work if required.

Harmonised standards explained

From bricks and mortar to timber and tiles plus the kitchen sink, we have had direct involvement with many of the currently published harmonised European Standards. We can help you understand how to apply the requirements of the standard to your products. We can establish if Initial Type Testing and/or Factory Production Control certification is required and we can assist with Notified Body involvement.

Notified body support ITT or FPC

Who they are

They are private companies or organisations who are authorised by the national accreditation body specific to their location (United Kingdom Accreditation System (UKAS) for UK and Ireland) to enable them to assess and certify products and/or manufacturers against the harmonised standards under the CPR

What they do.

The two roles they fulfil under the CPR are, product testing (initial type testing and in some cases additional audit-testing) and certification of the manufacturing facility.

If a Notified Body is required as part of your CE Marking process we can help set up initial contact with suitable companies (with the benefit of our experience) or at the opposite end, we can manage the whole process.


All standards harmonised under the CPR require the manufacturer to establish, document and maintain a factory production control (FPC) system to ensure that products placed on the market conform to the declared performance characteristics. It should consist of written procedures, regular inspections and tests and/or assessments and the use of results to control the components constituent products, equipment, the production process and the manufactured component. If your company operates under a certified ISO 9001 system then with some additions (specific to the requirements of the harmonized standard), this will satisfy the requirements for FPC.

Documentation- CE Marks, DoP’s, Technical files

The CPR requires that all products are supplied with a CE Marking label and that a Declaration of Performance (DoP) is made available. We can provide you with a DIY template of both documents specific to your product or we can produce bespoke versions including the performance characteristics information, which we will discuss with you as part of the service.


Training is one of our core strengths and most sought after services. We have in-depth product knowledge and years of field experience across many industry sectors and can provide up to date guidance on all aspects of CE Marking specific to your company and products. We cover all levels of expertise, from basic introductions to CE marking through to niche product specialisations and at all levels of company structure.

We run scheduled courses at locations across the UK and can provide tailored training specific to your needs.

Manufacturer/Importer/Distributer (Europe or outside)

If you are a manufacturer outside Europe and wish to sell your products on the EU Market, or if you are an Importer or Distributor within the EU bringing products in from outside the EU, we are experienced in dealing with your requirements and we can help you understand your legal responsibilities and provide assistance with compliance to the CPR with minimum cost and timescales.

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